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Lung meridian treatment on the arm

Shiatsu is performed in individual sessions and on the whole body. The client, who remains dressed, lies on a futon (soft support) on the floor or on a treatment table. In special cases, Shiatsu can be performed on a person who is sitting on a chair.

Shiatsu-specific pressures and techniques such as stretching and mobilizing encourage the stagnant Ki to rebalance so that the tension and blockages can dissolve. Body, soul and spirit are touched and supported at the same time. The harmonization of the Ki has a positive influence on the self-healing powers and enables the person to regain their dynamic balance and reactivate their self-regulation.

Shiatsu focused on the process and the therapeutic interview enables the client to improve their inner and outer flexibility, transfer awareness into their daily life and maintain their health.

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Treatment of the stomach meridian (Masunaga) on the arm

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